Pets continue to reign supreme in many American households. In fact, it’s estimated that $62.75 billion will be spent on our furry friends this year alone. It is no longer uncommon for homeowners to take their four-legged animals into consideration when remodeling their home. If you are a pet owner, you may enjoy these inspirational design ideas that add beauty and functionality to your living space.


Dogs and dirt often go together, so a dedicated washing area for your dog can be a great addition to your home, and helpful in alleviating muddy paw prints on the carpet. Popular locations for these bathing stations are typically in main floor laundry rooms or mudrooms. They often feature a low threshold for pets to easily enter the bathing area and a hand-held shower hose to make bathing quick and easy. To keep everyday pet items off the floor, such as leases, toys and accessories, you can also install utility hooks and convenient storage cubbies in the washing area.

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No pet owner enjoys tripping over food and water bowls. Luckily, there is no shortage of creative ways to get food and water bowls off the floor. Clever options include built-ins as part of a kitchen island or slide-out drawers in cabinetry designed to fit their pet’s height. Dedicated storage for pet food is also a popular request to keep the area clean, tidy and streamlined.

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In the past, many homeowners have resorted to using baby gates as a way of keeping pets in or out of specific areas of the home.  A much more aesthetically pleasing option is to install half height pocket doors in key areas of the home that can be left open or closed, as needed.

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How far have you gone to create a comfortable sleeping area for your beloved pet? Some homeowners have creatively used their space to create cave-like hideaways under a built-in living room bench or bedroom or even in the kitchen to allow their pet to be close and comfortable but not underfoot. 

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Many homeowners go one step further and dedicate an entire room to their pets!  Take a look at these fun, creative pet rooms featured on Houzz.


Pet-friendly flooring is also a consideration when you’re designing a living space with your pet in mind. Durable hard surface materials like tile, laminate, stone or even cork are good options for pet-resistant scratches and accidents over prolonged use.  If carpet is your preference, make sure to select a brand that is manufactured with pets in mind—one with low pile, to avoid pet nails getting stuck.


For all you cat lovers out there, we haven’t forgotten you. A popular complaint for cat owners is how to hide the odorous litter box.  Through careful planning, you can create a custom cutout in a cabinet or underneath a staircase to hide the litter box while giving your feline friend some privacy as well. 

Cats also love to climb up high. Give your feline friend a bird’s eye view of their favorite room by installing a custom perch. Bench seats with a large picture window are also a favorite for cats to both sleep and survey the wildlife outside.

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If you have other ideas on how to design a home remodel with pets in mind, please share them with us. Photos are welcome!

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