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Homeowner Success Stories from Happy Gayler Clients


Genaro was a great project manager! Communication was excellent and always addressed any questions or concerns. He is very knowledgeable. Construction quality was excellent! Workmanship was very good. Flexibility and able to problem solve when confronted with an unexpected issue, as is often the case in a remodel, was also very good.

— Tony L.,

Lafayette, CA

We have used Gayler Design Build for several projects in our home. The team at Gayler are the very best to work with. They are very well organized, friendly and the projects always turn out beautiful. The quality of the work is amazing. They are the only people we trust with our home.

— Cathy and Joe T.,

Danville, CA

The combination of design services with the build led to a relatively stress free experience. We felt Gayler really took the time to understand our needs and offered practical solutions and creative design features to our project. We received regular and effective communications throughout the project. We would certainly consider using Gayler again for future projects.

Paul is an excellent project manager. Appreciated his communication, felt I was always aware of the progress and any changes to original plan & timeline. Javier also does great work.

—Marilyn & Michael L.,

Alamo, CA

The Gayler team were customer centric, thorough, and on time. The quality of the build was very high. We would be very confident in recommending them for any project large or small.

—Steve and Elyse H.,

Lafayette, CA

Gayler Design Build delivered our gorgeous new primary bathroom on time and on budget. They were professional and meticulous every step along the way. We lived and worked in our house throughout the 12+ week remodel and they were respectful and left the house clean and safe every day.

—Julie and Anthony R.,

San Ramon, CA

We are so happy with our remodeling project. Gayler Design Build has the entire process down to a science. So many friends who have remodeled their homes using other contractors have horror stories of their projects. Ours was quite the opposite. We felt at ease throughout the entire process. We knew our home was in good hands with Gayler Design Build.

—Cathy and Joe T.

Danville, CA

Bravo! There are not enough stars to give Gayler Design Build for the work that they did for us. Having never attempted a remodel before, we were not sure what to expect. The only familiarity we had with doing a remodel was hearing the horror stories about projects that lagged on, budgets that were blown, or the overall inconvenience of having the work done while living in your home. Thankfully we were effortlessly guided through this entire process and are overjoyed with the result! Learning more about the “design-build” concept made us lean toward this company.

After researching all of their reviews and even talking to some of their former clients, we knew that it was worth it for us to entrust them with our project. From the very first meeting until the last walkthrough, we were guided with precision and care. No question was ever a problem or too trivial for them (and believe me, we had loads of questions). Each and every person on their team made us feel like we were of utmost importance. They honestly do treat you like family.

We had decided to take down a wall to enlarge our formal dining room. The idea was to make it more functional as a dining/great room. George listened and came up with a plan for us. Each and every detail was taken into consideration. The planning process was exciting and we were forging forward when the pandemic hit. Realizing that the timing was not on our side, we thought about putting the remodel on hold, but George was reassuring. As soon as the essential workers were cleared to return to work, the Gayler team was ready to roll! All of the workers took the highest precautions while working on our project. The communication by the office as well as by our project manager was flawless. We were presented with a thorough timeline and weekly updates with each step being explained in great detail. We were never left feeling like we were not a part of the process.

Along the way, We saw the attention to detail and quality of their work every day and it got us more and more excited about the prospect of enjoying this new space. Since we had never been through this process it really was like a dream watching our project come to life. There is simply no way we would ever consider any other construction company on any future projects. We were thrilled with what Gayler Design Build did for us and would highly recommend them. They treat you like family and we are happy to call them friends!

—Teri R.,

Alamo, CA

Excellent quality workmanship. Kept the worksite clean, the on-site construction manager was on top of all the work. Some supply chain problems occurred but Gayler was on top of everything. Excellent communication throughout.

—Beth and John C.,

Danville, CA

Let me take this opportunity to thank the Gayler team for transforming our primary bath from a brown and yellow tiled nightmare into a gorgeous oasis.  The project went as smoothly as silk and finished on budget, and on time.  We developed close bonds with the people in the office, as well as the on-site team, and all the people who supported the project in their various capacities.  We are very happy we chose Gayler for our remodel!!

—Keven B.,

Danville, CA

Working with Gayler Design Build was a great experience. They were on budget and finished ahead of schedule. The people were great to work with, especially Paul, the project manager, who knew everyone’s name, even our dog. We were kept informed of the entire project schedule and everything went smoothly. I would highly recommend them.

— Yuji Y.

Danville, CA

Gayler Design Build was fantastic, and we were unbelievably happy in every way. The project came out much better, and we were very happy. I would recommend to anyone, and I will use them again for future projects. We were thrilled and very happy. Everything related to them was great: quality of work, employees and everything. The end result exceeded our expectations.

We are so impressed and happy to use Gayler. We feel like we got really lucky. We did not have any recommendations or referrals. We just picked them based off of a seminar I went to. I read all the references and it seemed like they had lots of customers that were very happy and that impressed us. We could not be happier. Everything exceeded our expectations. We would definitely recommend them and definitely use them again.

—Nancy H.

San Ramon, CA

Gayler has been outstanding to work with. We have done two remodels with the Gayler team, and would highly recommend them for any type of home remodel project.

Paul (project manager) was outstanding in his communication, problem solving, and general approach to keeping us up to speed through every step of the project.

—Dave and Andrea A.

Danville, CA

The work was on time, and they had an excellent and knowledgeable staff. They did a good job.

The best part was that the staff were excellent, knowledgeable, and the contractors were very competent in the work they did.

—Lucy G.

Danville, CA

Gayler Design Build has done both a primary bath and a kitchen remodel in the last decade and both results were exceptional. In fact, both were completed during the summers when we were at our second home as we left just after signing off on the designs, projected cost, and construction schedules. I could not recommend a design and build contractor more fully and positively than I do this firm.

—Michael M.

Alamo, CA

We are in the process of a big project with the Gayler team, touching pretty much every inch of an entire house.  Therefore I am currently in contact with someone from Gayler Design Build several times a week—calls, in person visits/ meetings, my many long emails with lots of questions… you get the picture.  And each of those several times a week I continue to be blown away by how amazing George Gayler and his entire team are!  I have rarely encountered such a responsive business, let alone anything related to construction which is notorious for poor communication and less than ideal timeliness.

I interviewed many different options and found that questions were often not clearly addressed, or I had to follow up repeatedly myself to get references and see examples of past work.  It was a lot of work and valuable time on my end in itself before even starting a project.  George Gayler, in contrast, arrived to meet us for the first time with a folder of straight forward info on their process, what we could expect, and… several pages of references listing project scopes, lengths of time, and phone numbers any and all of which he said I could call any time as references.  Wow.  So, I did call, many of them, and got the same bottom line from all:  the Gayler Team is unmatched in their quality of work and ease of communication and project management.  Time is a precious commodity and they really honor that.

I get such prompt responses from George and Jessica, always thoroughly answering my questions and addressing any concerns.  Every extension of this team has been wonderful and we could not be happier with them.  Doing a major remodel in creating your ideal home is daunting and I cannot imagine doing it without the Gayler team.  They continue to listen and work with me, never dismissing my ideas and always helping to confirm the real possibilities and address that one dreaded word: “budget,” as well as that other touchy word “timeline” which they have truly excelled with- completing phases faster than I expected and helping to keep things on track much more so that could otherwise.   How often do you hear that in regarding anything remodel/ home related?  My point exactly!

—Rachel C.

Alamo, CA

We will happily recommend Gayler Design Build to anyone looking to do a remodel.

—Trish and Liam

San Ramon, CA

Without hesitation, I would recommend Gayler Design Build.

—Kathleen B.,

Danville, CA

Incredibly satisfied with their overall execution, the quality was top-notch. I’ve worked with other contractors in the past and hadn’t worked with one who built everything we’d hoped for.

—Ken H.,

Danville, CA

Gayler has perfected a program/renovation model that is clear, brilliantly cohesive, and presents the entire arc of a project. There are no surprise or hidden costs. The budget was sharply watched and respected and great efforts were made to ensure beautiful results whilst maintaining allegiance to budgetary perimeters…Gayler’s clarity and regularity of communication were helpful and reassuring. Paul, our amazing project manager, is superbly skillful in conveying every single detail and remarkably patient with any questions and concerns…When Heaven needs a contractor, God calls Gayler Design Build. You should too!

—Desiree and Andy

Danville, CA

Gayler is fantastic. We have done other remodeling projects before and we cannot believe how wonderful they are compared to what we have used before. There is nothing to be unhappy about. They are fabulous. We are so impressed and happy to use Gayler. We feel like we got really lucky. We did not have any recommendations or referrals. We just picked them based on a seminar I went to. I read all the references and it seemed like they had lots of customers that were very happy and that impressed us. We could not be happier. Everything exceeded our expectations. We would definitely recommend them and definitely use them again.

—Nancy and Brian H.,

San Ramon, CA

We have used Gayler Design Build for two very different remodels in our home; a new backyard pavilion complete with lighting, fans, and heating and a state-of-the-art skylight in our kitchen. In both instances, we were impressed with their professionalism, timeliness, and cleanliness. Their communication with us was excellent and their workmanship was of extremely high quality. They looked to find ways to make improvements and changes to our original plans and frequently helped us save money in the process. We would definitely recommend Gayler to our friends without hesitation.

—Brad and Lisa

We truly enjoyed working with Gayler Design Build. We were dreading remodeling our bathroom, but with Gayler’s help, it was painless. Very professional, excellent staff & crew.

—Vicki and Mike

I had been putting off getting a new front door since I purchased my home over a decade ago. I had built it up in my mind that it would be an expensive endeavor since my front door was a custom size. Once I started investigating it, Gayler Design Build referred me to their preferred vendor who made the door selection easy and painless. Once I had made my choice of doors, he even made a suggestion for nearly an identical door at half the price! Gayler Design Build coordinated the delivery and the installation of the door seamlessly. I always knew when they would be there and what to expect. When all was finished, the cost of the door and installation ended up costing less than half of the expense I had feared it would all those years!

But the customer service didn’t stop there. When the seal on the bottom of the door had an issue, they were out to repair it within a couple of days. At that time, Jeff immediately noticed that there was a drip of sap coming from the door, and initiated the steps necessary to repair it. Even though the door manufacturer took only a little responsibility, both Gayler Design Build and their door vendor took full responsibility for making things right. It’s truly refreshing to work with a business that so obviously puts its clients first, no matter how small the job.

—Julie and Byron

We are thrilled with our experience with the whole Gayler team. Their communication, timeliness, and attention to detail surpassed our expectations. They are a wonderful family business and they make each of their clients feel like they are part of it too! I can’t wait to use Gayler for another project!

—Jennifer and Joe

Really impressed with the whole experience. The crew showed up on time and tried to keep noise and mess to a minimum. They did a great clean-up job before they left each day. All were very professional and easy to communicate with.

Our project manager Jeff never said no to any of our requests – great attitude and very talented guy. Very well-run company and all of the employees seemed happy to work for the Gaylers. Great family-run business. Easy to see why they get such high marks. Will definitely use them again for future projects. Have already recommended them to friends and neighbors.

—Peter and Susan

Gayler Design Build is a perfect example of our type of business – a small family-run but very professional business. Our ideas were incorporated into the design but enhanced. Also, a warranty book with care guides was provided. Everyone and everything was excellent.

—Michael and Helene

I feel very fortunate that Gayler Design Build was available and willing to redesign and rebuild my small, old, and rundown house this past winter. I had lived in this house for the past 27 years. George and Chris redesigned it into a larger and more functional house that matched me and my family.

It turned out to be a beautiful house of excellent quality, built in just four months and on budget despite severe rain in December. It exceeds my highest expectations.

I had many fears at the beginning including my limited resources since I am retired, the disturbance of my neighbors on our shared gravel road, and the unknowns of demolishing an old house.

Very quickly these fears went away and the process became exciting and fun. I developed a strong trust in Gayler Design Build. Everyone at Gayler was responsible for this, but their project manager, Paul Panepinto, stands out. He was a true pleasure to work with.


Gayler Design Build surpassed all of my expectations. It wasn’t a big job, but they treated it like it was. Fantastic Job!

—Tom and Kim

We just completed our commercial project with Gayler Construction. They are an absolutely fantastic group to work with! They were not only on-time, on-budget, and super easy to work with – but they were there for us when we needed an unanticipated last minute addition after the facility was finished. I’m thrilled to recommend them for any commercial or residential project!


I don’t think I can say enough good things. Very efficient and a very good value for the cost in terms of timeliness, lack of hassles, and quality of the finished product. Everyone was nice to work with.—friendly, respectful, and cooperative. I couldn’t be happier with things.

It’s an enormous job that I didn’t really grasp until seeing it all pulled together by Paul and his team. And that doesn’t even include the behind-the-scenes stuff you all do with drawing and handling the approval process before anything even starts. It makes me really appreciate it when you hear the winning quarterback or manager interviewed, and they thank the owner, general manager, assistant coaches, scouts, fans, and everybody else who you never hear about. Truly a team effort.


We have worked with Gayler Construction on two projects to renovate and upgrade the front of our house. In both cases, Gayler Construction was able to provide a number of creative alternatives to solving our existing problem while enabling us to stay within a modest budget.

Both projects were completed on time and within budget and both exceeded our expectations. Our house now looks fantastic from the street making it a pleasure to come to after a tough day at the office!

We are planning on completing additional home upgrades in the future and we will definitely be looking to Gayler Construction for assistance.

—Krista and Geoff

From start to finish of the project, we always felt confident that the job was being performed to our satisfaction. We were provided frequent updates from both the office team and the construction manager. As Two-time satisfied clients, Gayler Construction is the only contractor we will ever consider using in the future!

—Al and Jane

Congratulations on being selected as the BEST of Danville – Well of course you won, no doubt you are the BEST! We have never, ever worked with such a wonderful crew on a building project and we have done many! The quality, care, craftsmanship, understanding, and goodwill start right at the top and trickle down to the last employee.

I thank my lucky charms Darlene that you walked into Miglet’s on June 9th, 2010 and we chatted. We are loving the cottage and looking so forward to the main house being completed. If I could I would give you 10 stars…everyone should build a home with you!!

—Elaine S.

The Gayler Construction experience for us has been positive on every level….on time, on budget, professional management and staff, as well as the after-completion follow-up, is THE BEST!!! It is near impossible to find an organization that does what they say they will do with a definitive plan and then delivers without cost overruns and project scope creep. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

—Selma and Mike

We selected Gayler Construction to do a major renovation of our home because we believed they, more than any other construction company, would be able to handle the size and scope while completing the project sooner than any other. We were right!

Gayler performed a major renovation of our kitchen, family room, dining room, and hallways including demolition, and installation of all new materials, lighting, electrical, and plumbing. They took our 1970s home and brought it into the 21st century. They were painstakingly careful with all facets of the work. Their staff is reliable and professional. We continue to enjoy our new kitchen on a daily basis, not to mention the large screen television that now hangs in our family room. We are so pleased and have received numerous compliments from our friends, family, and neighbors. We highly recommend Gayler Construction to anyone considering a high-quality remodel of their home.

—Don and Vicki

Gayler Construction provided an unsurpassed level of quality and customer service throughout the entire process of design, construction, finish carpentry, and follow-up as we built our custom home.

We couldn’t have built our house without their guidance, and we had complete trust that the team was working to make sure that everything was done right and, more importantly, was a finished product that they were proud of working on and would last for a lifetime.

—Saleem and Sarah V.

George and his team were wonderful. There are always challenges and surprises in a remodel and they were ready for whatever they uncovered. I had total faith in George.


Our project manager was excellent. He was eager to please and very, very helpful. We greatly appreciated his attention to detail and the fact that he thought of many of the little details that we would not have thought of, but would have noticed in the finished product.

We were also very impressed by the way the project flowed and everything was coordinated in such a timely fashion. Our neighbors mentioned they had never seen a construction crew show up so early every day and continue daily work throughout a remodel.

—Joan-Elisse C.

Neil and I wanted to send thanks for the wonderful work you did for us. It’s like we live in a new house and we love it! The kitchen is awesome and never fails to get huge compliments. The flow of our family time is so much better too. It never ceases to make me smile when I am preparing dinner while Cameron is able to sit on the other side and do homework.

—Amy and Neil

We have had the pleasure of having Gayler Design Build work on several remodels and projects inside and outside of our home. We have been consistently amazed at the quality and craftsmanship of their work and their meticulous attention to detail.

Also, Gayler Design Build’s strict adherence to their completion dates and daily observation of a time line was unprecedented by other contractors we had used in the past. They have made us extremely comfortable referring them to our friends and family alike. Lastly, George Gayler’s incredible design perception allows us and other clients to use only one company without hiring separate design and construction companies. Gayler Design Build continually produces over and above our expectations!

—Alicia and Victor

What separates Gayler Design Build most from other companies is their unsurpassed quality, impeccable attention to detail, and superior customer service. Gayler’s unique project planning process keeps you involved and up to date on deliverables – no surprises. If exceptional quality and first-class service are important, Gayler Design Build delivers. Our kitchen is beautiful!

—Jon and Susan

The final result was a primary suite that, in many ways, is now a work of art. We think that there is a difference between construction and craftsmanship, and Gayler clearly engages in craftsmanship.

The product of all this work was something that exceeded our expectations to the point that we walk into the primary suite, marveling that it is ours and wondering how Gayler was able to accomplish such a beautiful job on time, on budget, and without a single incident that caused us any concern. We are thrilled with the new primary suite and even more thrilled to know that the next time we have a project we know who to call. Thanks again for working wonders in our home.

—Marc and Lauri

We have commissioned Gayler Design Build to do several extensive remolding projects on our home; all of which were completed on time and on budget. They provide excellent quality of work, great follow-through, and receive our highest recommendation.

—Glen and Sonia

The formula works so don’t change it! It was the fortuitous personal referral of a friend that brought us to Gayler Design Build. Without reservation, we will recommend them to our friends and associates. George Gayler deserves our special thanks for his patience as we choose from among his many imaginative ideas those that particularly suited us.

His talents as an architectural designer are equaled only by his eagerness to be forthright about the duration of construction and transparent about costs. Gayler Construction is a family business that includes his charming wife, Darlene, and astute son, Chris, whose responsibility is to keep close tabs on our additional work orders and to track expenses.

We thought Paul Panepinto was a terrific project manager. He was punctual, thoughtful, and communicative. He anticipated problems so we could consider solutions together. He took careful notes at each weekly meeting and followed up on the issues. He was quick to involve others with talents or expertise that he respected.

Special note must be made to Jeff Harteau who is an alternate project manager and master carpenter. On top of all this, Paul was an engaging conversationalist with a refreshing sense of optimism. As construction dragged on he would say something like ‘…this is going to be really, really, good’ or remind us of the wisdom to be gained from one of his many aphorisms. A few things could not be completed before our planned Hawaii vacation. In our absence, we felt confident in leaving Paul in charge of the installation of the front door, completion of additional electrical work, and resetting of the house alarm before he left.

—Naffie and Philip

The communication with our Project Manager was excellent. He was there every day with helpful information, and the weekly meetings kept all pending issues at the forefront. He always responded positively to any suggestions we had. The Gayler design surpassed our expectations and incorporated some construction features that we would never have thought of.

The construction crew was always cheerful, clean, quiet, courteous, and efficient. There was always some progress being made on the job and the quality of the work was always to the highest standard.

—Susan and Hillary

We love the entire Gayler Design Build team. After working on multiple projects with you; our kitchen, hall bathroom, primary bathroom, converting a living room into a den and moving, closing, and removing walls in various rooms…I look forward to the next project that we can work together on in the future.

Before working with Gayler Design Build I was always so frustrated with the construction process, but with your team, the project always moves quickly, communication is constant and the work is finished ahead of schedule. Even the tiny things that your team does are noticed and appreciated: no smoking on the job site, the workers don’t park in your driveway, someone from Gayler Design Build is always on-site to receive shipments, and the job site is cleaned at the end of each day, the weekly meeting with the project managers…it is all appreciated, and it made such an impressive difference in working with you for the past several year and several projects. Whenever I hear that someone is considering a remodel, it is your name that I share immediately for so many wonderful, honest and important reasons!

—Teri and Jon

After a terrible remodel experience that was never actually completed, we found Gayler Design Build. They came in and completed the first remodel job, then remodeled another 1,000 square feet of our house including an addition. The experience was amazing!

They were on time, on budget, truly professional, and always clean. They take pride in their work and it shows. Gayler is everything you could want from a construction company and more. If you want things done right the first time call Gayler. If you’ve had a bad experience before, call Gayler and you won’t ever call anyone else.

—Laura and Pat

Gayler Design Build is the best!! Being in the Real Estate industry, I hear nightmare stories all the time. When my husband and I decided to do a remodel, we interviewed four companies. Gayler was head and shoulders above them with their design and work ethic.

1. They showed up every day on time.
2. We had weekly meetings.
3. They put a whiteboard in our garage so we could leave them messages if we had to leave for work early. There was always an answer to our questions when we arrived home.
4. And – finally – they finished on time and for the PRICE they quoted us at the start.

What more can we say? They are a wonderful and trustworthy company. And we love our newly remodeled home.

—John and Stephanie

The house is UNBELIEVABLE. We are so thrilled by it. What an awesome job your team did. You all receive the highest marks for excellence. If only every business treated clients as well as you do!

—Alicia and Paul

Our family has worked with Gayler Design Build several times over the last few years. Two of the projects have been major remodels— the first, to remove interior walls, carpet, and flooring in an old house and update the interior; the second, to rebuild the kitchen, extend the dining room, and add a bay view window, and a gas fireplace. With each project, we felt that we were truly in professional hands, from the quality of the detailed design and planning work to the on-site organization and responsiveness of the crew, to the “Ahh!” factor when we saw the sparkling, well-finished detailing.

We do have the experience to compare Gayler Design Build with. On one occasion, we hired another contractor because his estimate was lower, but we ultimately paid in the form of stress, materials running over budget, and the need to be involved with every detail of the project to prevent errors. We certainly feel that George Gayler has the experience to give you an honest estimate, stay within budget, and over-deliver with important details, like extra outlets and decorative items. Both George and Darlene, and their entire crew, are ultimate professionals, treating your timeline, your home, and your budget with care. We recommend them wholeheartedly.

—Aneema and Sergio

We are so thrilled with our new kitchen and family room. The remodel is exactly what we hoped for; the transformation is remarkable. We can still hardly believe how smooth and speedy and even pleasant the whole process has been. We are impressed by the high standards and business culture that your company represents and we feel that choosing Gayler Construction was the best decision we could have possibly made.

—Lisa and Doug

Everyone at Gayler went out of their way to disrupt our life as little as possible while doing their job professionally. We are very pleased with both projects they have completed for us therefore feel comfortable recommending them.

—Jim and Sandra

Timeliness was excellent, overall customer service was excellent, cleanliness of the work site was excellent, quality of work was excellent, and our satisfaction with the finished project was excellent.

—Frank and Nancy

Everything was kept running so far ahead of schedule that the project was finished in three months rather than the scheduled five months. It was frightening to embark on a project of this size and cost, but the very best decision we made was to go with the Gaylers!


Thank you hardly seems adequate to express our satisfaction with Gayler Design Build. Your professionalism, attention to detail, and support of our goals made it much easier than we dared hope it would be. Everyone was so dedicated to making our house come out just the way we wanted. Deadlines were met, and our comfort was always taken into consideration. We want to tell anyone who will listen what a positive experience we had!

—Cherrie and Joe

Gayler Design Build remodeled our kitchen and family room over 10 years ago. The design, product quality, and construction were such that visitors to our home think the remodel was recently completed! It is truly a timeless look. Gayler Design Build stands behind its work and has always been responsive to the questions we have had over these many years.


What a great group of guys and all respectful of our property. When we had mounds of dirt, trenches around two-thirds of our property, and piles of construction equipment everywhere, at the end of the day it was always cleaned up, and more importantly at the end of the project they took the time and effort to leave everything in better condition than when they arrived. Every member of the Gayler crew knew their role within the team, came to work each day with a great attitude, and always worked in collaboration with each other and the subcontractors.

—Jim and Melissa D.,

Danville, CA

Thank you very much for everything that you and the entire Gayler Team have done for us. Although your firm was highly recommended to us, you have exceeded our expectations in every way. We couldn’t be happier with how the entire project has gone. We knew that the job would be tricky due to the slope of our property and the need to build an elevator for my mother. We also had challenges to make the new addition ADA compliant. Yet, no matter the issue, you and your staff took care of everything. With continuous support and communication from your team, we had peace of mind knowing that we would be fine. 

We would also like to give special praise to Paul and Javier who oversaw the project’s day-to-day work. They were always professional, approachable, and kind. It was reassuring to know that they were supervising the process for us. 

Thank you again. Best wishes,

—Laura and Philip

Moraga, CA

Basically, we did a whole house remodel, plus adding square feet. Issues with local permit/ review committees were quite a challenge and they handled them well. Wonderful to work with. We love our house!

—Denise W.

The best experience ever! We traveled a lot during our first floor and kitchen remodel and felt completely comfortable having their team in our home while away. A couple of days prior to the start of the project they brought the team over to meet us so that we knew who was responsible for what and gave us the utmost confidence in their capabilities. Having access to a website to see the project while we were gone was great too. Our project was completed one week ahead of schedule and under budget. What a delightful experience and I highly recommend these professionals at Gayler Design Build!

—Kim L.

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