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How can I check the validity and performance of your contractor’s license?
You can check the validity of contractor’s license on the Contractors State License Board website. Just enter the contractor’s license number. Gayler’s license number is 384275. Workers’ compensation and liability insurance is not required in the state of California, but you should ask your contractor if they have it, and to provide proof of verification.
What will a remodel cost?

Every remodel is unique, and consequently so is the cost. You can expect the cost per square foot to depend on your location, the size and type of room you want to remodel, and the amenities you choose (appliance upgrades, custom finishes, etc.), for starters. 

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most expensive rooms to remodel and the cost per square foot is significantly more than a family room or bedroom remodel. Additions can also vary considerably depending on whether it’s a first or second story addition, what foundation is needed, and the room type, etc. A family room with wood clad windows, hardwood floor, and French doors is very different than a family room with vinyl windows, carpeting, and a traditional sliding door. It’s like asking for the price of a car by weight. Are you thinking about a Mercedes Benz or a KIA?

Do your homework ahead of time and know what you can afford when approaching a remodeling project. And, then request an estimate from a local contractor who values transparency right from the beginning.

Why do you charge for estimates when most other contractors do not?

When we provide an estimate it is very detailed—a complete written scope of work that lists every item in specific detail that is to be included in your project. We base our figures on trade construction estimates, unit pricing, and years of experience and remodeling expertise. Unlike many competitive remodeling estimates, ours is not unsubstantiated numbers that are thrown together. Instead, we put a lot of time and effort into giving you a complete and realistic estimate, which is why we charge a fee.

It’s no secret that some contractors low-ball their estimates with costly end-results. Our estimates are realistic, thorough and complete.


If a client has a full set of drawings with complete specifications, do you still charge for estimates?

Yes, because it takes us several days to create the detailed estimate.

What are the benefits of building green?

Green building benefits the planet as well as the home occupants. By using renewed and recycled resources when practical, it may ensure energy efficiency, personal comfort, and healthful indoor breathing.

What kind of warranties does your contract include?

Instead of the industry standard one-year warranty on construction work, we provide a five-year warranty on all of our work. Usual and customary maintenance on your home must be kept up, but we are there for you if any part of your project needs to be addressed.

Please note: Our workmanship warranty does not necessarily cover the products we install (i.e., appliances, fixtures, etc.) as each one comes separate with their own manufacturer’s warranties.

What are Title 24 reports?

Title 24 reports deal with California law and compliance with energy efficiency standards. To learn more about Title 24, you can refer to the California Energy Commission.

Why can't I wait to pick out my selections?

We build very timely projects. In order to do that, all materials must be selected early during Discovery & Design so that they can be ordered and delivered at a particular time to coordinate with the production schedule. This helps to also better manage project delays, shortages, or back orders. Additionally, other items need special preparation long before they are installed (towel bars have extra support built during the framing stage) or other items such as carpet or hardwood floors have long lead times prior to installation.

Do I need to vacate the premises for a kitchen remodel or room addition?

If we are just doing a kitchen remodel or a room addition, then you do not need to vacate your home. But if we are doing a major renovation or whole house remodel, we do recommend you temporarily move out of your home, if only for your own peace of mind.

Should I start taking Prozac after I sign on the dotted line?

Unlike many common construction horror stories, a Gayler remodeling experience can and does run smoothly. Why? Because Gayler Design Build offers excellent customer service supported by the many systems of checks and balances successfully developed over time, backed by a consistent track record of on-time, on-budget delivery.

Do you recommend a particular season or time of year to begin a remodel or room addition?

Thankfully, due to our warm, California climate, we work all year round and have experience working and scheduling for all types of weather.

Will I have to kennel my house pets during remodeling?

It depends how sensitive your pet is to noise and dust. While we don’t necessarily recommend that you kennel your pet during a small project, we always recommend you put them in a safe room, away from the construction work for their own safety.

What cities do you serve?

The cities we typically service are Alamo, Danville, Diablo, Dublin, Lafayette, Livermore, Moraga, Orinda, Pleasanton, San Ramon, and Walnut Creek.

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